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Alcatraz Brewing Double Cold Brew Coffee Stout

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Product Details
Brand: Alcatraz Brewing

Location: Lakeland, FL

Our Double Cold Brew is very dark with a pronounced head and a long, lingering finish. This beer is not sweet, nor is it dry - it strikes a complex balance in between. The coffee takes the lead in this beer, instead of a supporting role like other Imperial Stouts that have some coffee added. The coffee beans are Guatemala Nueva Amanacer, single sourced from 5000 feet of elevation. They were roasted using a unique process developed specifically for this beer by Concord Roasting in Lakeland, FL. The roast was “low and slow” to gently extract the chocolate, almond, and honey notes from these coffee beans (no chocolate, almond, or honey was added to the beer - these flavors are from the roasted beans!). They were not burnt, and are not harsh or bittersweet.

  • Rating: 3.89 out of 5
  • 8.8% ABV
  • 30 IBU
  • 12OZ CAN
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