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Double Nickel Brewing DN Variety (15-PACK)

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Brand: Double Nickel Brewing

LOCATION: Pennsauken, NJ

Life can be a beach but deciding on what beer to buy shouldn’t be! ⁣
One of the reasons why we decided to forgo naming our core line-up of classic style beers is because we wanted to let the beer speak for itself and make the process of picking up a go-to “anytime beer” more straightforward. ⁣
While expressing our creative and innovative urges is paramount to who we are, it is our core that provides a steady balance and allows us to pay homage to the classic styles which ignited our passion for great beer. ⁣
In this same vein of thought we felt it only made sense to offer our Core Series in an easy to grab mixed package. These new Variety 15-packs of Vienna Lager, IPA, Session IPA, Pilsner, and Belgian Golden Ale are now available out of our tasting room and rolling out to your local beer stores. ⁣
Now, no matter what occasion you are hosting or showing up to, you can come prepared—with a variety of modern brewed classics for anytime drinking!⁣

  • 4.7- 8.0% ABV
  • No IBU
  • 12OZ CAN
  • 15-PACK
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