Mencia 2012 - Soto del Vicario D.O. BIERZO (Single)

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A clear wine displaying a cherry-red hue of medium intensity and raspberry tones along the surface edges. At rest in the glass there is a substantial but fresh bouquet of red berries accompanied with hints of dairy yogurts and sweet licorice. Swirled in the glass the barrel aromas become evident with fragrances of smoke, tobacco, and chocolate along with the spicy notes of vanilla and clove. This wine is complex nose recalls various stages of the aging. At the start, the spicy hints of the French oak barrels. Later, the floral notes of sweet violet that are imbued by the Caucasian oak. All of these layered always over a base of rich woodwork and cacao

  • Red Wine
  • 12-14% Alcohol
  • 750ml (Single Bottle)
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