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Spanish Marie Brewery Stranger Flings (4-PACK)

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Product Details
Brand: Spanish Marie Brewery

Location: Miami, FL

Sour conditioned with strawberry, chocolate ice cream, strawberry soda, waffles, and maple syrup.

Most definitely one of the hardest recipes we’ve tried to pull off to date. Moving knobs on the audio equalizer of this flavor soundtrack was some MADMAX high-level gaming. Our goal: Eggo waffles topped with chocolate covered strawberries drowned in maple syrup. I think we just barely pulled it off in the nick of time. Hope you guys enjoy it.

NOTE: Vecna attacked our label printer and removed ingredients from the label but as long as you know what it really has, we should be ok.

  • 5% ABV
  • No IBU
  • 16OZ CAN
  • 4-PACK
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