Casa Agria Specialty Ales Saison Sotano - Farmhouse Ale/Saison (SINGLE)

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Casa Agria Specialty Ales - Oxnard, CA United States

This cellar blend is made up of 4 different foeder and barrel aged beers that come together as a wonderfully unique saison that still expresses our house character. We let the blend rest in barrels for more than 6 months before being naturally conditioned in kegs and bottles. Wonderfully funky aroma with a lot of white wine character and soft pallet roundness that has just enough bitterness to balance the composition. Flavors of straw, and cereal grains mingle with soft lemon-like acidity join to create something reminiscent of a farmhouse citrus soda served in an oak tankard!

  • 5.9% ABV
  • No IBU
  • 750 ML BOTTLE

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