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Southern Grist Brewing Company TN

Tip Your Hat for a Delish Southern Grist Brew

Rarely do the skilled brewers at Southern Grist in Nashville produce the same beer twice! When they do, it’s because the neighborhood Tennesseans pressed the taproom for a second batch.

Pushing the boundaries of beer and what it may taste like while being visionary, little batches of the experimental components are brewed.

Since 2014, Southern Grist has maintained their position as the top new brewery and continued to produce popular brews. They were even listed among the Top 15 Breweries in the nation by Hop Culture!

Southern Grist’s brewing staff constantly pushes the edge and experiments with new ideas. They produce a wide range of beers, some of which are included in their famous “series,” as they like to refer to them.

Each one puts their unique spin on the base brew to keep things exciting and new. Even though they’re different, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the others if you enjoyed the first flavor profile in the series!

  • Hill

Titled as a play on the Berry Hill neighborhood in Nashville, the foundation lactose sour ale receives a significant amount of fruit purees and other exciting ingredients.

Look out for Hill beers in different flavors like Double Fruited, Imperial, Marshmallow, and more!

  • Pie Gose

They add graham crackers, vanilla, and pie-inspired components to their classic Gose as a base.

  • Crispy Bois

One of Southern Grist’s most recent series is focused on Lagers. Look for seasonal variations on this approachable product, which began with Southern Crisp, their traditional Pilsner.

  • DDH 1st Anniversary Double IPA

Mosaic, Citra, and Vic Secret hops were used in the brewing process, and the beer was double dry hopped for a strong tropical and stone fruit flavor.

  • Gilded Oated New England Double IPA

Triple dry hopped oated New England DIPA with copious amounts of galaxy, nelson sauvin, and Idaho 7.

  • Strawberry Banana Daiquiri Melted Sno Cone Sour

4% ABV smoothie-style sour ale made with strawberry, banana, and lactose.

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