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Why You Should Give Crafty Beer As A Gift

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. Drinkers in almost all fifty states prefer a good beer to any other drink at the end of a long day. You almost certainly know a few beer enthusiasts in your life and may have the brilliant idea to get them some beer on the next gift-giving occasion. It's also a wonderful, unique, and considerate gift option for the person who "doesn't need anything." Let’s be honest–we all know at least one person like that. Let’s see how Crafty Beer makes for a perfect gift!


It's Trendy And Different

Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. More people are joining the craft beer scene for the pleasure of drinking a craft beverage. Each bottle has better flavor and aroma than regular beers– something most of us would surely appreciate.

Lots of Choices

The sheer variety of brews available makes it the most compelling gift to give. Whatever the occasion, food, time of year, time of day, or occasion, there's beer for it! Each brewery has their own distinct method of producing their brews, and they are constantly testing new recipes, so the possibilities are limitless. From Hazelnut Spread to El Crippy Pilsner–check out the Crafty Beer shop for endless surprises!

Healthier Ingredients

Hear us out. We know mass-produced beer isn't known for using organic or high-quality ingredients, but go to any craft brewery and they'll gladly show you the ingredients they use. Craft breweries also tend to use more local ingredients, which helps the local economy, too.

Better Taste

It does taste better! If you've only ever had mass-produced beers, you probably need to order a can or two for yourself too. Whether you want to give a lighter ale, something with fruity undertones, or a thick, hazelnut and chocolate flavor for a cold winter night, there is an incredible selection of craft beers to choose from. Whatever your friend’s tastes are, there's no doubt that you'll be able to find a craft beer that's just right for them.

Higher Alcohol Content

5-10% (abv) is considered standard in the craft beer world, but some brews go as high as 20%. (and even higher). There are numerous advantages to drinking beer with more alcohol content:: you get the desired effect much faster, you spend less money, and you consume fewer calories. We’re not asking you to brag about your own gift, but a little trivia never hurt anyone!

The Craft Beer Culture

Like the infamous wine snobs (like us), craft beer drinkers and brewers are equally passionate. People who are serious about their beer have an endless supply of conversation starters thanks to the growth of the culture. There are beer clubs, subscriptions, meet-ups, and other options. A gift of craft beer would mean a gift of a step into the culture of craft beer!

Guess what–you can also give as a gift a monthly Mystery Box subscription or a gift card from Crafty Beer. Let your loved ones explore without interruptions!

Check out our website and order a mind-blowing gift from the Crafty Beer shop today!

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