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Why Craft Beer Is Preferred Over Commercial Beer

A chilled can of beer after a long day feels like a blessing. And if you are one of the regulars, you definitely have a preference. When given a choice, most of us go for craft beer, like that from J Wakefield Brewery in Florida, over commercial beers. And the reasons are many. Read on to see what makes craft beer the better choice for most people.

Decoding Commercial Beer

Large corporate (macro) breweries bottle commercial beers in large quantities. The priority is to get beer to the world as quickly as possible, not the quality of it. In fact, given the scale of such operations, it is nearly impossible to ensure quality in every single beer. Some commercially scaled brewers use genetically modified ingredients like dextrose and corn syrup to ease production because they require such large quantities of the ingredients needed.

A commercial beer's flavor is generally milder than that of a craft brew because it is watered down.

Where The Two Differ

Craft beers, in general, have a stronger punch than commercial beers with higher alcohol by volume levels. Most people agree that commercial beer cannot compete with craft beer in terms of flavor.

It's difficult to deny the similarities between commercial beer brands. The focus is on flavor in the artisanal beer industry, though. A sip of craft beer tantalizes your taste buds with hints of chocolate and sweet caramel, floral hops and fruity notes, rich coffee undercurrents—there's an infinite variety of flavor nuances.

Besides, craft beer has a rich aroma, different shades of color, and different aromas from different types of craft beer.

Why People Prefer Craft Beer

Aside from the obvious reasons, people prefer craft beer to commercially produced beers for two reasons: experience and health concerns.

Craft beer is made by passionate independent brewers. It not only quenches your thirst but also conveys the brewers' enthusiasm for their craft. With beers like J Wakefield Brewing, it’s hard to say no to their amazing aroma, flavor, quality, and experience.

Craft beers are also produced locally, which means you may be able to visit the brewery. This will not only allow you to appreciate the origin of the product you're drinking, but it will also provide a more personal and rewarding drinking experience.

Plus, the health conscious ones know which is better to consume. A full-bodied beer with multiple flavors is more important to craft breweries. As a result, the brews contain more calories than regular beer. Is this to say that regular beer is better for you than craft beer? Not at all. Craft beer does not have the nutritional profile of mass-produced beer—it's far better for you.

First, because the alcohol content of craft beer is higher, you will probably end up drinking far less than you would with regular beer.

And second, commercial beer often contains additives and preservatives that affect your health negatively. These additives, added to cut costs, are also responsible for the worse hangovers of the commercial beers.

So there you go—a number of factors have an impact on people’s choice of beer. If you are someone with a taste for craft beer, get your J Wakefield Brewingfrom Crafty Beer Market today!

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